!! I Scream ICE CREAM!!

IMG_5442Again!! Not coffee or even bread! But ICE CREAM!! Another dirty habit of mine… This one was worth the rehab though! Examine the picture over————->……………. Done? You are looking at banana cream and chocolate chip organic wonder. It was amazing!!! I’m pretty picky about the ice cream that I enjoy. I say enjoy because I’ll eat almost any ice cream but I enjoy only a select hundred or so… But either way,  Xanath Ice Cream on Valencia Street in the Mission is an organic ice cream shop boasting many amazing flavors. *When you order the vanilla flavor, you get a free vanilla bean!!* Crazy right? But it’s so low key! Unlike Mitchell’s or Bi-Rite that have lines fur dayzz this place has always been kind of empty looking every time I stopped by, which I don’t mind at all!! Maybe it’s because most people don’t substitute their dinners with ice cream, but that’s an entirely different post about how messed up society’s morals and norms are that I’m not about to get into… They’re open pretty late too, about 10PM, which is super nice for those insatiable ice cream cravings. They have favors from vanilla, to fig, to coffee so there’s something for everyone! And going along with the picnic idea from last post…. Last place on the list ( only so the ice cream won’t melt) :).


BREAD=Being Forever Content

IMG_5441SoOoOo… Not coffee but rosemary sourdough bread roll from a place that also sells coffee!!

Arizmendi Bakery Pandaderia & Pizzeria on Valencia street is so quaint! It’ s a co-op Bakery and they have tons of options to choose from. It’s very casual and warm in atmosphere and their baked goods range from muffins, to baguettes, to scones, to fresh corn, pasilla peppers, queso fresco and cilantro pizza. The two times I have gone there has been a line, which didn’t take too long, but speaks about the greatness of this place. Haven’t done this yet, but once Dolores Park is redone I plan on picnicking there on a warm day and just collecting all of the great picnic nummies that the Mission has to offer. A fresh baguette from here would definitely be first on my list!!



Coffee On A Cold Day ❤

Sometimes, the coffee could be from MCdonalds, but its just nice to have it. Yea… It’s that kind of day..

I could write STANZAS… but that’s not happening… This place is!

In more recent history, I visited Stanza Coffee Bar in the Mission District, a fairly recently opened cafe. What drew me in was the classy and mysterious look of the store.. So much dark wood, and metal and low lighting! But really, it was very cool and gave one of those intimate hole in the wall cafe kind of feel, like I could probably go in there, write a novel undisturbed, and make life long friends with the sole barista that works there everyday type of intimate.
A cool feature: They do have teas and they mainly do pour overs for coffees( check out the creepily taken photo above, I mean I was trying to sneak one in during my conversation with the barista)! Being a barista myself I can certify the following statement to be factual,” Damn! That’s some dedication!”. Pour overs require more time then most baristas would like to give!
In the end I got a medium tasting coffee ,made pour over style, that the barista recommended, Columbia something I think, and it was very nice, fresh, and bitter.
Coolest feature: The atmosphere. The barista that served me was very friendly and laid back and was talking to all the other customers in the store as well. And as I said before, I’m a sucker for good woodwork and funky lighting.

It’s a Ritual

Visited Ritual Coffee some time last week. I know it’s a cult favorite and is very involved in the actual harvesting, processing, and sale of whole bean coffee so I was excited it finally give it a try! Very basic both in the way they operate and the drinks they serve, i.e. basically only cappuccino, lattes, mochas, and coffee, but all were made very well with a lot of consideration! * I should also note, after watching a very awkward back and forth between a Barista and customer, that they don’t serve anything sweetened, the mocha was more bittersweet but delicious! Definitely not the place to go if you’re in a rush or enjoy more specialized sweetened drinks, Frappuccino and such, but if you’re ever strolling around the Mission, go see what the SF hipsters rave about..


A heart warming experience accompanied with some frothy love

A heart warming experience accompanied with some frothy love

NewTree Cafe & Chocolate Shop–Financial District

I went to this cafe after a a bit of a let down concerning my reporting. Apparently I was supposed to make an appointment with a city department that doesn’t answer all three of their phones… But this mocha from NewTree definitely cheered me up! It’s a relatively new cafe in SF’s Financial District. The cafe itself gives off a very modern yet feeling with the majority of the seats being stools and a really cool looking wooden tree-like art piece that covers one wall. The foam was great, the mocha was tasty and they specialize in organic and fair trade beverages, pastries, paninis, salads and snacks! They’re also a chocolate  shop with tons of different types of chocolate! Like lavender flavored chocolate, and chocolate with Belgian biscuits!! Not my favorite chocolate to be honest, a bit too bitter for me, and I love 70 percent PLUS dark chocolate, but they had a lot of different options and the thought behind all of their products was cool. Definitely a cool spot for a reprieve from the city and work.